39th National Stereoscopic Association Convention

The annual National Stereoscopic Association Convention – 3D-Con held in Michigan on 4-10th of June 2013 included two of our 2012 shorts in their Stereo Theatre Program.

Guest speakers for the Awards Banquet were Dr. Brian May, Paula Fleming and Denis Pellerin discussing their new book on Diableries.

I’m really proud that our short films screened alongside films from some of my amazingly talented peers including Celine Tricart, Phil McNally, Gerald Emerick and of course the sadly missed Ray Zone. The event screened over 50 films and videos that included a range of experimental stereo 3d films, classic 3d animations, documentary footage and scripted shorts over 4 days.

Our 3d shorts screened in the event was our ultra short comedy “ATM (3D)” and the lesser seen of our 48 Hour Film Project outings “Hidden (3D)“.

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