Still Collecting

Another amazing little peak in this 3d filmmaking adventure has just been reached, our short film “The Collection (3D)” has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.

“The Collection (3D)” was created as part of the Edinburgh leg of the 48 Hour Film Project a little over a year ago, winning an award for production values in a year of very stiff competition. The film has since gone on to festivals around the world, from LA to Prague and beyond! It’s being shown in 2D in a couple of Scottish festivals in early June both at goNorth Festival in Inverness and Edinburgh Short Film Festival in… well I’m sure you can guess.

Four versions of the film are listed on YouTube:

The original versions are all based on the film as it was screened at the 48hfp screenings, however as I converged the 3D to minimise ghosting that is prevalent in anaglyph materials, I decided to repost it with the convergence set as I would set it for normal viewing and I believe this is actually the optimal version of the 3D film. That gives us a current view count for YouTube of 100,049! Rather surprisingly only 1,045 views of the short have been of the 2D version, considering some of the feedback from the media on the “desperate state of 3D” this appears to suggest quite the opposite; if you can present an interesting story in 3D the audience will actively choose to watch it in 3D.

Thanks again to everyone involved in it’s creation; for a film put together over two days this is a fantastic achievement and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing cast and crew.

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