3D Creative Summit London 2013

I recently attended the 3D Creative Summit in London at the BFI Southbank where I had the great pleasure to meet up with some members of the 3D community and had the chance to listen to some really inspiring presentations in the theatres.

I caught up with Michal Thomas whom I’ve known “virtually” online for sometime who is a serious 3D enthusiast and was good company across the morning. Michal blogs and has a presence on Facebook as “Iwatch3D” and has a website @ http://iwatch3d.com/

After an initial welcome message the day kicked off with a presentation from the  International 3D Society President Jim Chabin hosted by Jonathan Tustain from 3D Focus. This was an interesting session presenting stats on the current state of 3D. The discussion touched on one of the recurring topics that came out strongly across the day, that of stereographers perhaps having played too safe with the strength of 3D in the first few years of the 3D resurgence. As you would expect from both a 3D conference and the I3DS the message overall was that 3D is going strong for both film and TV with more professional level 3D productions underway than ever.

I then headed off to Theatre 3 for the “Shooting Better 3D”  panel with Chris Parks from Vision3, Steve Schklair from 3ality Technica & Melissa Byers from Vision3, hosted by Chris Parks. It was a packed session and re-iterated the “let’s use stronger 3D” message, however as a no budget filmmaker it didn’t really inspire me that any of this was achievable with the micro budgets I have available.

After a little wander around checking out the “Rig Zone” a selection of 3ality Technica rigs and the all in one Meduza camera I grabbed a spot of lunch with Ariela from Yabazam. Having recently written an article on 3D VOD it was certainly interesting to discuss 3D VOD with someone who’s right at the heart of it and someone who shares a passion for sharing great stereo 3D content.

Following lunch I headed off to listen to David Conley who gave a great presentation on some of the vfx from “Life of Pi” then we headed over to Ang Lee who spoke on a video link from New York. Ang was truly inspiring, not only did he come across as a genuinely humble and intelligent man, he also exuded a positivity and enthusiasm for using 3D to enhance the cinematic experience. He echoed my belief that the director should be the stereographer in order to fully integrate 3D right into the heart of the story and to come up with ways in which the 3D can be used creatively. I believe anyone in the audience who had any scepticism would have immediately headed to a bookstore to grab a book on stereo 3D… and started their creative journey into the next dimension.

Although the event was on for a full two days I could only make day one and definitely felt Ang Lee made it for me – he revitalised my enthusiasm and I headed home fired up to get creating some Ang Lee worthy 3D!

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