BearShark 4K 3D

In another first in Scotland, possibly in the UK, Enhanced Dimensions have just wrapped a 4K 3D version of one of the episodes of CollegeHumor’s fantastic animations series BearShark.

Having recently finished the final episode of the first series of BearShark for the Nintendo 3DS, it seemed an interesting opportunity to take the vector based assets of the episode called “Space” and re-create the 3D in cutting edge 4K resolution. As the major part of the creative process was already complete, writing and animating the show, the conversion to 4K was quite straightforward (although not as simple as just scaling up a project). Whilst creating the 4K master was a success, attempts at viewing it in it’s 4K glory have been less successful. There are currently a limited range of opportunities to playback 3D in 4K, so this 4K episode has been primarily developed for festival and demonstration use where 4K screens or projection may be possible. My usual DCP creation tool of choice couldn’t unfortunately generate a 3D 4K DCP so an alternative route was researched…more about that in a later post.

Although there is much debate about 4K in the home, as the broadcast infrastructure and cost effective viewing hardware for 4K and 8K is still some way off, there is no doubt that 4K significantly improves the 3D experience. Fingers crossed 4K TV falls in price as quickly as HD and we’ll all have “more real than reality” screens in our living room in the near future.

Unfortunately we can’t share the whole episode here but if you like to see a still from the 4K version that demonstrates the level of detail in a 4K file take a little look at our sample BearShark 4K image here.

Big thanks to Mike from Lowbrow Studios and Amanda from CollegeHumor who helped make this happen. Enhanced Dimensions is proud to the deliver cutting edge 4K 3D from Edinburgh in Scotland…   🙂

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