BearShark: Love

The new episode of BearShark, titled Love, is now not only available to view on the Nintendo 3DS in glassses free 3-D, but also online at CollegeHumor in super flat-o-vision… 2D!

The first new episode of BearShark that I’ve been stereographer for, premiered on Nintendo Video for Nintendo 3DS on 8th February 2013, with subsequent episodes scheduled over the next couple of months. BearShark marks the continuing partnership between Nintendo and, which previously brought the popular Dinosaur Office series to Nintendo Video.

Nintendo Video delivers a regularly updated, variety of short-form 3D videos to Nintendo 3DS free of charge. New videos are automatically downloaded to the Nintendo 3DS , all in glorious glasses-free 3D.

Check out BearShark Love on right now! And if you want to see it in 3D (in the US at least) get yourself a funky glasses free Nintendo 3DS!

Source: Business Wire

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