BearShark Series 1 on Nintendo 3DS

The first new episode of the cartoon series BearShark, entitled “Love”, will soon be available on the Nintendo 3D Video Channel for the Nintendo 3DS in USA.

Following the successful pilot episode last year, I’ve been working alongside Low Brow Studios as the Stereoscopic Consultant on the new series of BearShark Cartoons that will be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS over the next couple of months or so.

Unfortunately the series doesn’t appear to be licensed for Europe so I’m afraid those of us this side of the pond won’t be watching it any-time soon. The series is a College Humor/Nintendo co-production so there is a chance you’ll be able to catch it on the College Humor website at some point.

If you’d like to see the BearShark Pilot episode from last year, in glorious 2D, do head on over to the College Humor website.

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