LA 3D Film Festival Director’s Choice Award

2012 has without doubt been an amazing year for myself & my team of regulars at Enhanced Dimensions. In 12 short months we’ve pretty much gone from never having made a narrative based film to having completed four plus had them selected for inclusion in festivals around the globe.

The final month of the year was the best though. I could barely believe that the LA 3D Film Festival had selected all four of our films for inclusion in their 9th annual festival, and was even more surprised to be given a special Director’s Choice Award for this work. It’s this kind of recognition by ones peers that makes the whole effort worthwhile. 🙂

If you haven’t seen the films they are all currently available in their full length, in digital stereo 3D on YouTube – head on over and check them out. The films shown were:

It’s also been amazing to get involved with so many interesting people around the world who, like myself, see an whole new language developing in digital stereoscopic cinema; way beyond the gimmickry and cheap laughs that the public assumed was the basis for 3d cinematography; actually there is a beauty and a new depth to 3D imagery that modern technology helps us to deliver without historic problems of quality control on 3D shoots and projection.

So roll on 2013… what’s in store for us now?

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