Stevey Hay – Kimberley Station 3D Music Video

As always it’s been pretty busy buzzing around Enhanced Dimensions HQ in the last few weeks. Primarily been trying to polish off a brand new 3D music video from an amazing Scottish Blues artist Stevey Hay.

Stevey’s musical partner is none other than Neil Warden who has worked with us supplying original music for several of our short films so we were more than happy to get involved and create what must be Scotland’s first 3D blues music video!  Shot over a couple of locations in Edinburgh: The Ferryboat pub in Pilton and Craigie’s Farm on the outskirts of town the video features both Stevey and Neil along with Clair Myychael who valiantly braved the cold traipsing around in a fairly thin white dress on a freezing Edinburgh day!

The track is available for instant download from iTunes.

However, without any further ado…ladies and gentlemen I give you Stevey Hay’s Kimberley Station in Digital Stereo 3D.

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