PowerPoint in Stereo 3D – Presente3D

Presente3D, the add on for PowerPoint, has added support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 in its latest beta.

The add on allows users with little or no stereoscopic knowledge to create stereoscopic presentations with simple slider control over the 3d depth effects. As it is completely integrated into the software it allows users to convert existing powerpoint presentations quickly and easily to 3D.

With its rapidly growing community, Presente3D has been adding features based on feedback from its users. One of the major requests and newest features added was the ability to set up 3D parameters in the Slide Master so that 3D presentations can be made even quicker. The newest release of Presente3D further enhances the ease of use and rapid development of PowerPoint 3D Presentations.

A list of key enhancements in the latest release are shown below:
• Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
• Master Slides Support – Set up your 3D Parameters within Slide Master to speed up your authoring
• Performance – Conversion speed has been optimized reducing times by 50%
• Progress bars added during export and conversion of your presentation
• Ability to choose your Output Display Device
• Camera saving is automatic for each slide
• Anti-aliasing support for Frame Sequential Stereo (Quadbuffer)
• Enhanced interface with new icons and features
• Improved Stereo experience, simplified stereo setup and optimizations
• Improved Rendering of shapes and empty placeholders
• Improved Installer and installation experience

Visit the Presente3D website to find out more.

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