Learn how to film in 3D

3D Glasses After Effects ModelWith the current growth of 3d technology, learning how to film in 3D and how to then edit and output in a suitable format can be quite a steep learning curve. With plenty additional jargon to get used to (parallax, convergence, anaglyph, circular polarisation, etc) it’s certainly a daunting task for anyone used to filming in 2D.

Well never fear, Enhanced Dimensions’ Stereoscopic 3D Training & Resources section aims to make the process as easy as possible and current has around 30 videos to help you to film 3d movies for fun and profit! Alongside this we offer some specialist 3d tools for Adobe After Effects users that aim to simplify the process of creating 3D motion graphics and repairing 3d problems in footage.

That’s not all! Over the next few months we hope to get the chance to develop a specific series to cover the absolute basics of how to film in 3d, how to edit in 3d and how to post your new 3d videos to the likes of YouTube employing their great embedded 3d player technology.

Finally, and offering you an unbelievable deal, all the training is free – that’s right learn how to film 3d movies like a pro with Andrew Murchie & Enhanced Dimensions!

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