Stereoscopic Updates in Adobe CS 6

Over the last couple of days the web has been awash with news of Adobe’s preview of Premiere Pro and After Effects CS6 at the 2012 NAB Convention in LA.

Although the Adobe CS 5.5 Suite launch had major announcements on support for stereoscopic 3D this launch has barely a mention of it, certainly in the headline updates it’s not mentioned once. Of course the CS 5.5 release wasn’t quite what it was cracked up to be for stereoscopic filmmakers (in my opinion) – with support in Premiere actually being based on purchasing the Cineform NEO 3D extension that cost more than the entire suite update, and After Effects Stereoscopic Rig not bringing much more than a basic homespun version could already create.

So I had been really looking forward to CS 6, hoping it would at least remedy Premiere’s lack of native support for Stereo 3D footage, and to what might be added to After Effects that would facilitate easier creation of 3D motion graphics pieces.

Having had a good look around Adobe’s website it does appear there may be good news for stereographers using the Adobe CS Suite – primarily in the inclusion of SpeedGrade CS6. I must admit I wasn’t particularly aware of SpeedGrade – and had I been aware of the name I would have assumed it was purely a grading product. Well it seems that SpeedGrade does in fact have some interesting stereo 3d tools in its little 3d toolkit. The apparently “award winning” stereoscopic toolset appears to adjust convergence with on the fly changes and offers comprehensive colour grading that is automatically applied to both views. It claims support for ease of loading “paired stereo 3D frame sequences” – I’m not clear what that means in plain English – it would be great if this means it will open standard 3D format footage off the Sony HDR-NX3D1 plus it offers automated geometric and colourimetric correction – a real boon for less experienced stereoscopic editors. Finally it supports playing stereoscopic footage for almost any display setup.

If you’d like to know more do check out the Adobe CS 6 site, or for a case study on SpeedGrade’s stereoscopic pro level support do check out a really interesting article over on the Iridas Magazine site – SpeedGrade NX Powers Animation Pipeline for Zambezia 3D

This really sounds great for stereoscopic filmmakers, and although Adobe have chosen not to shout loud about this it could be worth the price of the upgrade alone – I’ve got my fingers crossed!

The Adobe CS Suite will be available in Q2 2012.

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