Cyclopital 3D Filter/Close Up Adaptor for Sony TD10 & NX3D1 – Video review

I’ve recently been trying out two of the adaptors available for the stereo 3D Camcorders the Sony NX3D1 & Sony HDR TD10 that may be of interest to 3D filmmakers using these cameras. One of the prime issues with any of these fixed interaxial 3D camcorders in 3D filmmaking is the limitations in terms of long shots and close ups both of which are tackled by different adaptors in the Cyclopital 3D range.

In this video, I first take a look at the filter/close up adaptor itself on the Sony HDR-NX3D1 and how to use it with the camcorder, thenI demonstrate the kind of close up shots that this adaptor extends the camcorders range.

Although different and untested Cyclopital 3D also offers adaptors for the Fuji W3 & W1 3D stills cameras as well as the JVC Stereoscopic 3D Camcorders the GS-TD1 and the GY-HMZ1U ProHD.

Check out the video on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube and see the effect the adaptor has to expanding the usability of the camcorders.

Further details on the adaptors  are available from the Cyclopital 3D Website or if you’re based in the UK and or Europe the local distributor is

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