ScreenCandy 3D Volume One – Available Now!

Never mind Titanic in 3D or Star Wars 3D  – our new ScreenCandy 3D Stereoscpic Resource Kit for Adobe After Effects CS4 and above will help you to grab your own slice of the sparkling 3D screen.

Okay it’s not going actually going to make you James Cameron, but ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One will help give a little polish to your 3D productions. ScreenCandy 3D:  Volume One is made up of a variety of stereoscopic 3D Adobe After Effects CS4 templates plus the associated design elements. Included with the set are two brilliant bonus After Effects Templates – the eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig for After Effects, CS3, CS4 & CS5 plus our eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit template.

In full ScreenCandy 3D: Volume One includes:

After Effects Templates
•    3D Film Leader 01 (CS4)
•    3D Glasses 01 (CS4)
•    3D Festival 01 (CS4)
•    3D Coming Soon 01 (CS4)
•    eD-3D Virtual Stereo Rig (CS3, CS4, CS5)
•    eD-3D Stereo Repair Kit (CS4, CS5)

Graphic Elements Including
•    Clapperboard
•    Film Strip
•    Film Reels
•    3D Glasses (Red Cyan)
•    Various Halftone Effects

Sound Effects Including
•    Clapperboard Claps
•    Beeps & Blips
•    Projector
•    Spoken Commands

This complete Stereoscopic 3D resource kit for Adobe After Effects is available as an instant download from our online 3D store now for an introductory price of just $19.99. Find out more…

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