3D Big and Small – From BearShark to London Calling

It’s been an interesting couple of months in Enhanced Dimensions 3D HQ and quite entertaining on the odd range of scale we’ve been involved with.

Firstly I was involved with a brilliant animated project from College Humor in the states – the animation was created originally in Flash in 2D and I got involved as stereo 3D consultant and conversion artist to convert the Flash to Stereo 3D. There were a whole range of challenges along the way but the final video was a joy to behold – it is really enjoyable to work with such talented animators. Of course the scale thing here that is of interest was that it was for the Nintendo 3DS and its tiny auto-stereoscopic 3d screen. Unfortunately as we get different content in the UK from USA I’m not sure if we’ll see it over here in Europe but you can certainly check out BearShark on College Humor in glorious 2D! I’ll definitely blog a little more about my experience when I have some spare time, as there was some really interesting learnings working with animators who are used to 2D and the challenges it brings when simple 2d tricks don’t work! Also big thanks to Mike Parker from LowBrow Studios for getting me involved and staying calm and well organised throughout.

Next and currently ongoing, I was invited to consult on a project on the opposite end of the scale – for an IMAX 3D screen – talk about going from one extreme to the other. My good friend Matt Cooper over at Pixel Chili Productions knows only too well of my 3d obsession so when they got a chance at working on a 3D IMAX project they knew I would be onboard! The project is ongoing so not too much to report but I noticed when I was emailing the team just how complex my instructions were becoming – it’s so easy to forget that not everyone talks 3D jargon and going on about interaxials, zero parallax and window violations are not standard terms filmmakers and videographers work with. I’m happy to say though the guys have grasped it admirably and I’m looking forward to seeing their work on a big, and I mean really big screen!

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