An ED 3D Birthday – It’s Celebration Time!

Celebration-time-3d-anaglyphWell we’ve reached the ripe old age of 24 months, yes sir: Enhanced Dimensions is 2 years old and we’re gonna celebrate in typical E-D 3-D style!

And what style is that I hear you ask? Well how else but with a crazy months worth of new 3D freebies, giveaways and competitions for the whole of September. So make sure you bookmark us, subscribe or follow us on Facebook to be kept up to date!

In the last 24 months we’ve grown from a gurgling little mess to a stodgy toddler stamping our stereo feet in the 3D mud, whilst chewing on the furniture with a crazy dream of helping stereoscopic filmmakers to take over the world. And I’d say we’ve done not bad. From a standing start we’ve now had massive video viewing numbers, attracted a tonne of subscribers and raked in some prizes, awards and accolades from 3D film festivals and competitions all around the world.

Our Proudest 3D Moments

Some of our proudest moments include:
•    being broadcast on TV as part of Channel 4’s 3D Week
•    being discussed by Adam and Joe on BBC Radio Six
•    picking up an InvaZion Award & Sony Prize for our 3D short film “FourPlay”
•    releasing Scotland’s very first 3D music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by The Raw I’s
•    providing ident bumpers for Short & Sweet 3D (Londons first 3D short festival)
•    converting Bear Shark from 2D to 3D for the Nintendo 3DS
•    releasing our RockCandy 3D Stereoscopic Stock Media product line
•    releasing our eD-3D Virtual Stereoscopic Rig for After Effects CS3, CS4 & CS5
•    writing & pre-production for our first live action short film “Sweets”

Stay tuned though we’ve plenty more where that came from.

Stereo 3D Training for would be 3D Filmmakers

We’ve also released a whole heap of Stereo 3D Training Videos that can be seen on our “3D in a Nutshell” Page. These include videos on:
•    Basic Stereoscopic 3D Animation in Adobe After Effects
•    Stereoscopic 3D using Displacment Maps and in Adobe After Effects
•    A 4 part series on 2D to 3D Conversion Using Adobe After Effects

The Big 3D Numbers

And don’t forget our Stereoscopic 3D Channel that runs on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that has in total received:
•    Over 2,500,000 views of our videos
•    Over 7500 subscribed viewers
•    A fantastic level of positive feedback

And don’t forget all the Free 3D Stuff

And finally don’t forget our ever popular 3D Downloads including 3D Desktops, 3D Videos for your 3D TV or our 3D greeting cards and 3D Postcards for you to download and print. Just remember to add some 3D glasses from our 3D Products page and you’ll have all you need to make your card really “stand out” from the crowd!

Do please bookmark us, subscribe, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or head on over and join one of our 3D Video channels – Enhanced Dimensions: It’s the place to be for great 3D!

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