3D Opinion: My Brain Has Switched to 3D

Something very strange happened last week that I think relates to my exposure to 3D.

As I’ve been working on a particularly complex and time consuming 3D project (for the Nintendo 3DS) over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent considerably more time viewing stereoscopic 3D on my monitor than would be normal (for me). Although much of this has been anaglyph working and adjusting cartoon scenes for 3D, I did consider it may induce some headaches but it’s actually been a relatively pleasant experience. And then…

The strangest thing happened on Friday night: I sat down to watch Woody Allen’s latest “You will meet a tall dark stranger” (I love early Woody Allen, not much can come near “Sleepers” for genius comedy) and was sitting having a pleasant evening entertainment when I suddenly started thinking how flat the picture looked. The more I watched the more regularly it started bothering me how everything was just on one plane. There was still obviously good use of depth of field and lighting: all the usual tricks to direct your vision and to create standout – but it was just so obviously flat. So un-dimensional.

I know I’m pro 3D, but I genuinely never expected this sensation or pattern of thought. How strange it was to notice 2D. How strange it was everything was so flat, so lacking.

As I said I can only assume this is due to many additional hours spent working immersed in 3D footage. It seems my brain has made the switch from 2D to 3D and now I can’t go back!

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