Green Lantern 3D Trailer on Nintendo 3DS

I just downloaded the 3D trailer for Green Lantern on the Nintendo 3DS and it looks amazing.

I had expected the 3D effect that is obviously designed for a large 20ft+ screen to be very limited or possibly even ineffective on the small 3.5 inch screen on the 3Ds but I was pleasantly surprised. The 3D really pops, if somewhat flat cut-out style at points and the colours and quality of the image on the little screen look absolutely stunning.

My biggest frustration is trying to find out a way to get some Enhanced Dimensions 3D videos ported over to playback on the little Nintendo – it’s really annoying that there isn’t currently a simple video playback app built int. Also the fact that the only way to currently get videos onto the machine are via the online store is extremely limiting – there’s so much good content out there that could be made freely available for this great little machine.

Come on Nintendo give us some access!

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