YouTube 3D Tags Update

I regularly get asked questions regarding the tagging of YouTube videos in order to use the YouTube 3D playback engine, so thought I’d share an update on the latest tagging news.

It appears that YouTube are changing their 3D tags from the existing yt3d:enable=true format to a new, in theory simpler, 3D tagging format. Apart from streamlining the tagging process and removing confusing choices like swap eye for the viewer, the new tags also support stacked above below videos that are another common way of storing the stereopair.

The new tags are now operational and YouTube advises the following:

Upload video in side-by-side squashed Left/Right. YouTube also currently support the following formats:

  • yt3d:enable=LR: Side by side squashed left eye frame on left, right eye on right – recommended
  • yt3d:enable=RL: Side by side squashed, right eye frame on left, left eye frame on right – old format but no longer recommended
  • yt3d:enable=LonR: Top frame is left eye, bottom frame is right eye
  • yt3d:enable=RonL: Top frame is right eye, bottom frame is left eye

YouTube 3D Player no longer supports these tags and they should not be used:

  • yt3d:enable=true
  • yt3d:swap
  • yt3d:left
  • yt3d:right
  • yt3d:aspect

It does look like I’ll have to go back through many of my videos on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel and update the tags, although it should be noted the old tags are still currently working on all but the 4K video uploads. Thanks to BCin3D for bringing this to my attention.

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