Electric Man Titles

Electric Man 3D Still ImageAlthough it’s not really 3D related I thought I’d give an update on the titles for we’re working on for the forthcoming indie feature film “ElectricMan”.

We’ve been working from the original supplied comic book graphics to rebuild the scenes in 2.5D for animating. It’s been quite a task, made considerably more difficult by the original artwork depicting raining scenes! In order to animate we had to first re-create the layers in the scenes removing each rain streak to create a clean starting plate that we can then animate and finally reintroduce the rain streaks to; it’s not the easiest way to work! The shot above, magically converted to 3d of course, is from the beginning of the title sequence as electric man queue’s for a days labouring in depression era america. If we get time and permission we might demonstrate the intro sequence in 3d

The film is currently being edited and the title sequence is about 80% complete, fingers crossed the film will be playing at film festivals this year and might find it’s way to a multiplex near you.

If you’re interested in investing there are still ways to get involved – check out the ElectricMan The Movie¬†website for more details.

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