Too much excitement for one post – 3DeeCentral Launches

3deecentralSpatial View’s new online and mobile service for delivering quality Stereo 3D Videos, 3DeeCentral, is now live and available as a free download for 3rd Gen iPhones & iPods plus Windows 7, with an Android version promised soon.

Stay calm now… what’s even more exciting is that for a limited time you can claim a free 3DeeSlide when you first log in to 3DeeCentral, using your iPhone 3GS or 3rd generation iPod Touch!

I appreciate that’s a lot of excitement for one post  but here’s the last bit of news – 3DeeCentral is now offering two of Enhanced Dimensions’ videos for a very reasonable $1.99  each ($2.99 for PC HD version). The two videos on offer are our Award winning short film “FourPlay 3D” and Scotland’s first stereo 3d music video “Gloria (The Death of Me)”. Both can be previewed in 2D on the 3DeeCentral site, or of course can be viewed on our Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube.

Check out 3DeeCentral now!

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