ED 3D Videos – Half a Million Views and counting!

Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel Logo500,000+ views of our videos on YouTube and Vimeo Channels! Wow, what can I say, wow. Thanks to everyone who’s watched, subscribed and/or fedback on our 3D videos over the last year it’s been astounding to say the least.

Enhanced Dimensions went from a standing start last September with a couple of test 3D videos to go on to an amazing level of success. In the last year we’ve way exceeded expectations and have thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Admittedly far from shy about boasting about the achievements I thought I’d give a little recap of how well Enhanced Dimensions has done in 12 months.

Here’s the highlight (hope I don’t miss any):

…stay tuned though we’ve plenty more where that came from.

We’ve also released a whole heap of Stereo 3D Training Videos that can be seen on our “3D in a Nutshell” Page. These include videos on:

And don’t forget our Stereoscopic 3D Channel that runs on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion that has in total received:

  • Now over 500,000 views of our videos
  • Over 1000 subscribers
  • A fantastic level of positive feedback

The big question is after a first year like that how do we top it? Stay with us for 2011 and see…

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