Another Free 3D Video Download

Enhanced Dimensions has got another cool stereoscopic freebie video for you to download in our 3D downloads section!

Our new addition is a video we created a little while back based of Adam and Joe during their BBC Radio 6 broadcast discussing a 3D animation we sent to them, and a bit about 3D in general. One interesting note for 3D-philes is that Joe has been working on Steven Spielberg’s 3D adaptation of Tintin, so there’s a little extra relevance. (Note for non UK visitors Adam and Joe are a comedy duo who used to have a popular Saturday morning radio show).

The clip can be seen as always on our YouTube Channel or if you have a suitable 3D TV, Nivida 3D Vison PC or some other suitable 3d playback system you can download the side by side version for full colour HD playback and can see the video in it’s optimal quality.

Download Adam and Joe discussing 3D…in 3D for Nvidia 3D Vision or 3D TV now!

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