Sony Stereo 3D Competition Update

3D World from SonySources from the 3D World Magazine & Sony 3D competition have noted via their forum that around 50 entries were received for the 3d short film competition. Entries came from all over the globe, including  Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and the UK. The good news is, as there are over 50 prizes up for grabs, everyone should get some prize to reward their efforts.

The original plan was to announce the winner at this week’s SIGGRAPH and to showcase the winners there, however the sheer volume of entries has delayed this. Steve from 3D World via the forum said that he expected the winners to be announced once they get back from LA. With SIGGRAPH closing at the end of this week hopefully that means everyone who entered should be hearing in early August.

Find out more about the Sony 3D World Competition.

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