Crime Squad 3D Update

In a galaxy far far away… well actually just along the road a couple of years back… we shot a two minute silent short film just for fun inspired by a “Two Minute Silence” competition that Neil Rolland had set-up as part of his Write, Shoot, Cut platform in mid 2013. We had a laugh making it and really enjoyed working with Amanda Marment and Tamas Fazakas to get it done. Our aim was to create a 70’s looking cop show parody and overall the outcome was pretty good.

What interested me most though was the characters that Amanda and Tamas play – Dick Rize and Dawn Shine as they eventually became known: how did they get where they were, why would they want to be cops and what was their wider world like? From that inspiration Rhiannon and I decided to give it a go drafting several episodes that we could possibly produce as a 3D web series. At the same time as undertaking the writing challenge I was keen to move on from shooting with unibody 3d camcorders to shooting with a more advanced stereoscopic rig, which in itself would come to present quite a number of challenges and rather obviously slow us down from our usual run and gun style of shooting. That in itself is a whole other post!

The good news is the series has now (finally) completed post production and we had our cast and crew screening last week where we were finally able to share the fruits of nearly two years of effort – plus we could have a few beers and catch-up with everyone involved who’ve all become close friends. As writer/producer/director it’s difficult for me to be objective so I’m not going to tell you how great the series is – we’ll be sharing this online via The Stereoscopic 3D Channel from July 2015.

Big thanks is also owed to our sponsors NEO3DO and to everyone who supported us via Indigogo (complete list on our CS3D page here).

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Crime Squad 3D: It’s gonna be great!

The O.D. in 3D

As a low budget, well more like no budget, filmmaker experimenting in 3D filmmaking is really not the most obvious choice. The gear is expensive, the rigs are techniques are notoriously more complex to work with and editing and post production is considerably more difficult. With that in mind some of the inexpensive less, time consuming options that present themselves in the form of fixed IA 3D cameras are an attractive proposition.

I’ve written recently about the (semi) pro level 3D camcorder from Panasonic and have been really interested to see what could be done with its consumer level little brother. Until recently I was not generally impressed with what I’ve seen from this camcorder. Well until now.

I came across a 3D short, well technically a short pilot, from L.A. based “Short Film Weekends” called “The OD”. This short looks great and is genuinely funny – it’s such a pleasant surprise, as 3D so often is used to replace good writing. Created by Faye Kingslee, the show is described as “The Overly Dramatics, where everyday life is seeded in high stakes, twists & turns following the journeys of four colourful characters living in Los Angeles.”. Faye also writes and performs in this and several of the channels other short films. Talking of the other short films on the channel, they are well worth watching too, with “Heartbeat of LA” being a real highlight – a beautiful, fun little romantic vignette.

“The OD” was filmed with the Panasonic SDT750 with surprisingly good results. The camera has been used to play to its strengths within a limited range of shots that don’t exceed its technical boundaries. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what more Faye and her team can achieve, in 2 or 3D!

Check out “Short Film Weekends” Channel on YouTube here.

3D Korea International Film Festival

Enhanced Dimension’s Award winning FourPlay is one of the 3d short films being shown at the 3D Korea International Film Festival.

“3D Korea International Film Festival” is a nationally supported event designed to introduce 3D contents and technology to aspiring filmmakers all over the world. It is organized by KEA (Korea Electronics Association) and supported by the Korean government.

“3D Korea International Film Festival” has successfully formed a network between global 3D film productions and is preparing to screen American and European 3D films as well as domestic ones. The committee is also in a process of developing workshops and seminars to invite 3D masters from all over the world and have a valued time with talented artists. HWY3D, a 3D production in Hollywood is currently organizing the screenings and seminars of the event, bringing contents and guest speakers.

The festival will take place on Oct.13th – 15th in Seoul, South Korea, in partnership of KES (Korea Electronics Show), Kwangwoon University, KOFIC (Korean Film Council), KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), Dimension3, Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting, Kwangwoon Media Contents Center, and HWY3D.

Visit the 3DKIFF site.

Short & Sweet 3D Film Festival Idents

Short & Sweet 3DHere’s a quick reminder of Short & Sweet 3D – London’s first short film festival that is happening at the Barbican on Friday 16th July.

Enhanced Dimensions were commissioned to create the stereo 3D Idents for the Courvoisier sponsored festival. The creative is based on the Short & Sweet 3D Cube print & online design – taking the logos pseudo 3d look and extending it into the next dimension. On the night the short 3D movies and bumpers will use the ExpanD system for viewing the animations in all their glory but if you’d like to preview the 3D bumpersyou can do so using anaglyph glasses on our Vimeo Stereoscopic 3D Channel or Enhanced Dimensions YouTube Channel right now.

January 3D Competition Reminder – Journey 3D DVD, 3D Birthday Cards

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D DVD
Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D DVD

This months 3D prize pack consists of the family favourite “Journey to The Centre of The Earth 3D” DVD starring Brendan Fraser plus a complete set of Enhanced Dimensions’ retro style groovy 3D Birthday Cards supplied with glasses and envelopes.

In order to enter simply answer the following question:

  • On which planet is Avatar set?

Email your answer to by midnight on 31st January 2010 to stand a chance to win. The competition is only open to UK residents, please check terms and conditions for more details on eligibility.

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