3D Bluray Authoring

It seems somewhat crazy given the current state of 3D that Blu-ray authoring in Stereo 3D appears to have become the easiest it’s been in a long time.

Here at Enhanced Dimensions we’ve been looking at inexpensive routes to getting our content out on 3D Blu-ray, preferably with custom designed menu’s however in the past this has appeared to be overly complex or limited.

Having finally upgraded my copy of Vegas Pro 14 it now appears that creating a 3D Blu-ray between this and DVD Architect 6 is finally a relatively straightforward option.

Simply export a 3D MVC file (actually consisting of two parts: a .avc and a .mvc file) from Vegas and import into DVD Architect which automatically recognises the .avc file as being 3D, drop into the DVD and it’s ready to go. Why they didn’t do this in 2009 when 3D was the hot ticket?

The question is: is anyone interested in seeing our short films or Crime Squad in all their glory on a 3D Blu ray?



Crime Squad 3D Update

In a galaxy far far away… well actually just along the road a couple of years back… we shot a two minute silent short film just for fun inspired by a “Two Minute Silence” competition that Neil Rolland had set-up as part of his Write, Shoot, Cut platform in mid 2013. We had a laugh making it and really enjoyed working with Amanda Marment and Tamas Fazakas to get it done. Our aim was to create a 70’s looking cop show parody and overall the outcome was pretty good.

What interested me most though was the characters that Amanda and Tamas play – Dick Rize and Dawn Shine as they eventually became known: how did they get where they were, why would they want to be cops and what was their wider world like? From that inspiration Rhiannon and I decided to give it a go drafting several episodes that we could possibly produce as a 3D web series. At the same time as undertaking the writing challenge I was keen to move on from shooting with unibody 3d camcorders to shooting with a more advanced stereoscopic rig, which in itself would come to present quite a number of challenges and rather obviously slow us down from our usual run and gun style of shooting. That in itself is a whole other post!

The good news is the series has now (finally) completed post production and we had our cast and crew screening last week where we were finally able to share the fruits of nearly two years of effort – plus we could have a few beers and catch-up with everyone involved who’ve all become close friends. As writer/producer/director it’s difficult for me to be objective so I’m not going to tell you how great the series is – we’ll be sharing this online via The Stereoscopic 3D Channel from July 2015.

Big thanks is also owed to our sponsors NEO3DO and to everyone who supported us via Indigogo (complete list on our CS3D page here).

If you’d like to keep up to date do head over to our Facebook page for Crime Squad 3D and if you’re really keen you could like us at Enhanced Dimensions FB too for news and updates on our wider range of activities.

Crime Squad 3D: It’s gonna be great!

3D Rarities on BluRay

3D Film Archive have a fantastic 3D Blu Ray coming out for those of us interested in stereo 3d film history – 3D Rarities via Flicker Alley.

Containing more than 2½ hours of archival treasures and presented in high-quality digital 3-D all 22 films have been stunningly restored and mastered from original materials by 3-D Film Archive Technical Director, Greg Kintz. Meticulously aligned shot by shot for precise registration of the left/right elements, these historic 3-D motion pictures have never before looked this good!

The disc is available for pre-order now from Flicker Alley.

True Blood 3D Video & Desktop

true-blood-3d-DesktopTrue Blood Season 3 has just kicked off here in the UK so to  celebrate I’ve  put together a little True Blood 3D Desktop and True Blood 3D homage intro video.

The ongoing adventures of Vampire Bill and Sexy Sookie Stackhouse have definitely become one of my firm viewing favourites – along with The Walking Dead and Dexter that is. The quality of American TV just go from strength to strength – what amazing writing and production values these shows have.

So to celebrate with me why not download the fangtastic True Blood 3D Desktop or watch the True Blood 3D Homage Intro Video on The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on YouTube? Go on it’s truely bloody marvelous!

Frankie Says… 3D Halloween Fun!

Frankie-says-3dWe’ve pulled together another cool 3D Halloween Desktop for you!

Watch out as Frankenstein reaches right out of your computer desktop – don’t be scared he’s just having some fun. For this and a whole range of other 3D freebies make sure you check out all the available options in our 3D downloads section. We’ve got creepy 3D Videos, scary 3D Cards and mind boggling 3D Wall Projections – all for Halloween, and all for FREE!

Grab the “Frankie Says…” 3D desktop now!

Sony Stereo 3D Competition Update

3D World from SonySources from the 3D World Magazine & Sony 3D competition have noted via their forum that around 50 entries were received for the 3d short film competition. Entries came from all over the globe, including  Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and the UK. The good news is, as there are over 50 prizes up for grabs, everyone should get some prize to reward their efforts.

The original plan was to announce the winner at this week’s SIGGRAPH and to showcase the winners there, however the sheer volume of entries has delayed this. Steve from 3D World via the forum said that he expected the winners to be announced once they get back from LA. With SIGGRAPH closing at the end of this week hopefully that means everyone who entered should be hearing in early August.

Find out more about the Sony 3D World Competition.