Crazy Talk Stereoscopic Version

Crazy Talk S3DThe latest version of Reallusion’s facial animation tool Crazy Talk offers stereoscopic 3d animated output for anaglyph or side by side purposes.

Another nice little feature on their site is a simple clear explanation of how S3D works

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Clive Barker Stereo 3D Comic News

Clive Barker Stereoscopic 3D Comic Seduth
Clive Barker Stereoscopic 3D Comic Seduth

Novelist and filmmaker Clive Barker has created his first original comic in nearly two decades, and even better news it’s in Stereo 3D!

Seduth, co-written by Chris Monfette with art by Gabriel Rodriguez, Jay Fotos (“Locke & Key”) and 3-D art expert Ray Zone, “Seduth”  includes anaglyph 3D glasses and is available now.

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