3D Bluray Authoring

It seems somewhat crazy given the current state of 3D that Blu-ray authoring in Stereo 3D appears to have become the easiest it’s been in a long time.

Here at Enhanced Dimensions we’ve been looking at inexpensive routes to getting our content out on 3D Blu-ray, preferably with custom designed menu’s however in the past this has appeared to be overly complex or limited.

Having finally upgraded my copy of Vegas Pro 14 it now appears that creating a 3D Blu-ray between this and DVD Architect 6 is finally a relatively straightforward option.

Simply export a 3D MVC file (actually consisting of two parts: a .avc and a .mvc file) from Vegas and import into DVD Architect which automatically recognises the .avc file as being 3D, drop into the DVD and it’s ready to go. Why they didn’t do this in 2009 when 3D was the hot ticket?

The question is: is anyone interested in seeing our short films or Crime Squad in all their glory on a 3D Blu ray?



E3D Film available on Amazon Prime


We’re really pleased to announce that a couple of our films, Cycle and Situation Vacant, are¬†available now on Amazon Prime Video in UK, USA and Germany (as of writing).

Unfortunately Amazon don’t currently support 3D although 3D fans note that we are in touch with Amazon Video support team and doing our best to convince them to allow us to share the side-by-side 3D versions. I’m sure if they had sufficient requests for stereoscopic content it would be something they could easily accept, so please lend your voice and let them know you want to see 3D content on their platform. We’ll keep you updated.

Watch CYCLE on Amazon Prime.

Watch SITUATION VACANT on Amazon Prime.

Hello 2017

Wow – it’s been a whole year since I posted anything new, however we’re still here and do hope to return to working on some stereoscopic projects at some point in the future.

Of course it is becoming less viable for low/no budget filmmakers to get involved in what is becoming a predominantly post production conversion market, and even then the demise of home 3D TV systems and the dropping of support from 3D as part of the 4K Blu Ray standard does leave me highly concerned that there will soon be no ability easily playback stereoscopic media.

Hard to believe this has happened (again) over the space of half a dozen or so years.

Vive le 3D!

3D VR Experiments 2016

First off apologies to regular visitors to Enhanced Dimensions for the lack of posts recently. The effort required to complete Crime Squad left me with a massive backlog of other areas requiring attention so updating the blog has taken a bit of a backseat.

I have been experimenting with VR, primarily in After Effects, and tearing my hair out trying to get stereoscopic VR output – I have come up with one technique which I’ll share once I’ve gone beyond the current proof of concept stage – of course it would be much easier if the Mettle Skybox VR plugin suite would support stereoscopic outout, but having chatted with Chris over at Mettle it doesn’t sound like this is currently likely to happen.

I find it quite strange experiencing VR in 2D – for me it feel like I’m standing inside a sphere with a video projected onto it (I guess that’s because you are) whereas when you add the stereoscopic dimension you suddenly feel like you are in the environment, everything becomes more “real”. I can’t get my head around why anyone would create 2D VR. Anyone else got any thoughts?

It’s likely that the blog will continue to be updated fairly irregularly for some time as I have several large projects that will be taking up my time for the next year or so. But never fear…I’ll be back!



As we head towards Black Friday we’re having a clearout at Enhanced Dimensions HQ and clearing our stereoscopic 3d stock animation packs at massively cut down prices.

For more details on RockCandy 3D and to check availability check out the RockCandy 3D Page.